Brian Pietrus
Brian Pietrus
Writer | Editor | Content Strategist

Professional Work

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Journalistic Publications

Breathe Easy? LA’s Air Quality, Then And Now | Blackbird, December 2018

Restoring The LA River: From Concrete Ditch To Urban Oasis | Blackbird, November 2018

Racial Profiling: How Some California Police Departments Disproportionately Enforce The Law | Blackbird, August 2018

“Big Trouble In Little Canna” - How Small Businesses Struggle To Compete Within The CA Legal Market | Blackbird, August 2018

Legal Guide: How To Get Your Prior California Or Nevada Cannabis Convictions Cleared | Blackbird, August 2018

Buffalo River Dredging - Residents And The Dept. of Environmental Conservation Weigh In | Artvoice

Editorial Publications

The Origins of Sneaker Culture: World War II to Present | Blackbird, December 2018

Thomas Edison, The Mob, & Magic: How The Film Industry Came To LA | Blackbird, December 2018

Local History: How The Dodgers Stole A Neighborhood | Blackbird, October 2018

Real-Life Halloween Haunts Around Los Angeles | Blackbird, October 2018

Best Day Hikes Around Los Angeles | Blackbird, September 2018

Artists We Love: Upset’s Lauren FreemanBlackbird, June 2018

The Disney-ification Of Cannabis | Blackbird, June 2018

History Happened Here: The First Pot Bust In The U.S. Was In Los Angeles, CA | Blackbird

Blog Posts Dealing With ALS And Grief/Loss

After Life: Trying To Heal Without Letting Go | Wordpress, May 2018

Guilt Of The Living - Coping With Guilt When Someone You Love Is Dying | Wordpress, November 2017

Beginnings Pt. 2: Going To California | Wordpress, August 2017

Beginnings Pt. 1: My Mother’s Diagnosis | Wordpress, July 2017

Research-Based Educational Publications

The Crazy Science Behind How Plants Communicate | Blackbird, October 2018

Everything You Need To Know About Edibles | Blackbird, September 2018

Cannabis Sublinguals And Suppositories | Blackbird, September 2018

What Are Cannabis Concentrates: An Introductory Guide | Blackbird, September 2018

Keep Calm: A Science-Based Approach To Being Too High | Blackbird, August 2018

A Guide To Cannabis Vape Pens & Cartridges | Blackbird, August 2018

Dry Herb Vaporizers | Blackbird, August 2018

What To Expect When You Visit A Dispensary For The First Time | Blackbird, July 2018

The “Soft Science” of Cannabis: How Legislation Inhibits Research | Blackbird, June 2018

The History & Science Behind Using Cannabis As Medicine | Blackbird, June 2018

The Cannabis Plant: It’s History & Biology | Blackbird, June 2018

A History Of The Human Use Of Cannabis | Blackbird, June 2018

Cannabis And Your Stomach: The Science Behind Treating GI Ailments | Blackbird, May 2018

Introductory Guide To Terpenes | Blackbird, May 2018

What Are Cannabinoids? THC, CBD, & More | Blackbird, May 2018


Writer, Director of Content |
2016 - 2017

Responsible for increasing organic web traffic by over 150% over the course of 14 months (9/2016 - 11/2017). Primary duties included writing SEO-friendly product descriptions, creating weekly blog posts for our e-commerce site, submitting guest blog posts for other affiliates, and managing the company's social media channels.

Skills utilized in this position: creating fresh content on a daily basis, optimizing content for SEO searches, editing content, and performing light HTML coding while uploading content.

Published Work:
The History of Printing 
How to Build a Greener Office In Six Easy Steps
Five Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Ink/Toner Purchase
Four Signs That It's Time to Buy a New Printer
Six Easy Ways to Save Hundreds of Dollars a Year
Thinking of Getting a New Printer? Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Buy

Outside Publications:
Best Budget Printer for Designers Inkbot Design, August 2017


Content Writer | wikiHow
2015 - 2016

Responsible for creating written content for wikiHow. Primary duties included researching assigned topics to become a functional expert in under 30 minutes, writing sourced and fact-checked web content in under two hours (per article), and ensuring that the content was sufficiently approachable and informative for a general audience.

Skills utilized in this position: creating original content on a daily basis covering topics that were assigned by the content manager, conducting research using credible sources, reviewing articles for both content and grammar/punctuation, performing light HTML coding for web content/formatting, and submitting work for review and publication.

Sample of published work: 
How to Stay Safe in the Sun